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Company Policy    Price is Vital

 Japan is one of the leading countries in the world as a major holder of potential stainless steel scraps. Therefore, it is not too much to say that recycling activities in the advanced areas of stainless steels in Asia is nowadays a kind of historical mission of ourselves.

 But we are not satisfied so innocently that we are contributing to the realization of the Recycling Society only by reason of that we are working for recycling industries.

 On the contrary, we must keep in mind that we should work as hard as possible with “conflict and anguish” toward the harmonization of two ambivalent propositions of environmental conservation and market mechanism.

 Ultimately, We are destined to create the “Price”
 So, we should listen modestly to the message that life activities beating lively in the nature would try to tell us, and we should “Express and Transmit ” it to the market mechanism. Thus, we are making utmost efforts constantly in business activities and working style for communicating with a natural providence.

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